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The Specialist for Diesel Engine Spare Parts. We supply genuine quality OEM products to a wide range of industries.
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About Us

Twinco was established in 1994 to market, stock and distribute first world quality OEM products manufactured by world-renowned European Makers for the aftermarket in the Asia Pacific region. Twinco is today one of the leading distributors for European OEM large diesel engine spare parts in Asia, serving the Marine, Power Plant, and Locomotive industries


Scope Of Supply

  • Engine Bearings
  • Engine Valves
  • Fuel Injection Systems
  • Pistons
  • Pistons Rings
  • Cylinder Liners
  • Sealings, O-Rings & Gaskets
  • Expansion Joints
  • Filter Elements
  • Marine Equipments
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    Engine Bearings

    We supply main, conrod and flange Bearings for two and four stroke European and Japananese engines. Most common materials from traditional bimetal & trimetal with aluminium /copper base lining to state-of-art production processes of sputtering and Special Coatings. As a technological leader in slide bearing application, we are able to meet the demands of modern engines..


    Engine Valves

    We supply inlet and exhaust valves for engines with 150mm to 980mm cylinder bores. These includes cylinder head component of valve seats, guides, springs, clamps, rotators and turnomats. For two-stroke engines, we offer remanufacturing of Nimonic exhaust valves, material upgrades and service exchange life-cycle programme. We ensure that the right valve is supplied to meet your operating safety and environmental targets.


    Fuel Injection Systems

    We supply fuel injection parts from experienced and innovative quality manufacturers for two and four stroke engines. The high pressures of up to 2000bar in the injection system require manufacturing tolerances down to 0.001mm. From conventional single pump injection systems to the latest electronic common-rail system, we are able to meet the continuous demands of lower exhaust emission standards by reducing fuel consumption and long service life.



    We supply large-bore pistons and piston pins with diameters from 150mm to 650mm for most four-stroke diesel engines. These piston types cover wide variety of application in terms of fuel, load profile, durability and environmental conditions. Materials include aluminium alloy, nodular cast iron and steel skirts, according to the engine makersí specifications.


    Pistons Rings

    We supply piston rings for two and four stroke engines ranging from 200mm up to 1100mm diameter. Our supplier specialises in the designing and manufacturing of top-quality piston rings, which have won worldwide quality recognition. Such high performance can only be achived using state-of-the-art production and sophisticated coating technology.


    Cylinder Liners

    We supply cylinder liners from a market leader with a 80-years history in the engine industry. Liners are available with diameters from150mm up to 520mm bore and are centrifugal-cast in core-sand moulds, designed to withstand the high stress in marine and stationary engines.


    Sealings, O-rings & Gaskets

    Twinco's extensive inventory and variety of Seals, O-rings, Gaskets experience makes us a global supplier second to none. We partner only with the highest quality manufacturers which specialise the latest "state of the art" inspection equipment.


    Expansion Joints

    We supply high quality expansion joints, metal bellows and V-clamps for diesel engines. Our Manufacturer is one of the global leaders in the development and manufacturing of flexible elements for absorbing vibrations, pressure resistant and gas-tight joints.


    Filter Elements

    Twinco offers a complete range of filtration products and fluid conditioning equipment to tackle the toughest fluid in all industries and applications. Hydraulic and Lubrication fluids are the life blood of any system and must be treated as such to rise above maintenance mediocrity and accomplish true reliability..


    Marine Equipments

  • Automatic Backflushing Filter
  • Automatic Fuel Sampler
  • Ballast Water Treatment System
  • Bilge Water Separator
  • Filtration System
  • Fuel & Oil Treatment Plant
  • Pipe Clamps
  • Plate Heat Exchanger
  • Coupling & Dampers
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    Contact Us

    Headquartered in Singapore, Twinco has offices around the Asia region and Europe. With plans to extend its network worldwide, the company aims to secure the best distributorship deals worldwide for its customers. Twinco's expertise, innovations, and continuous research and development activities guarantee the quality of products supplied, and places Twinco as a trusted source of OEM products for its customers.

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